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Enhanced Dynamic Caching with Engintron: Optimizing NGINX for cPanel

Engintron Nginx on cPanel

Engintron, an Nginx implementation tailored for CPanel, comes equipped with numerous advanced features already enabled. One notable feature is its micro-caching service designed specifically for dynamic HTML content. This caching capability allows for the temporary storage of dynamic HTML responses in the cache for a duration of one second. To safeguard against caching sensitive information, the application does not cache requests containing cookies or URLs with shared prefixes.

The primary objective of Engintron is to streamline the deployment and maintenance of NGINX on cPanel servers, particularly as reverse proxies alongside Apache. Engintron boasts various caching features, including fastcgi and proxy caching. With the recent addition of micro-caching for dynamic content, it surpasses NGINX Reverse Proxy capabilities in cPanel environments. When dealing with high-traffic websites that load slowly, especially those without e-commerce shopping carts, configuring NGINX to store PHP output and serve it directly from cache rather than routing all requests to Apache can significantly improve performance.

You could follow the steps:

  1. Begin by setting up Engintron.
  2. Navigate to WHM -> Plugins -> Engintron for cPanel/WHM.
  3. Choose “Edit proxy_params_dynamic.” Adjust the values accordingly.
  4. By setting the EXPIRES_FOR_DYNAMIC value to a specific number of minutes, NGINX’s cache will expire after that duration, fetching the latest version from Apache thereafter.
  5. For additional settings, scroll down: Set the proxy_cache_valid final number to match the expired cache duration, such as 5 minutes. Ensure the comment character (#) is removed from the expires line’s settings.
  6. Complete the process by clicking the green Update button. Ideally, editable file formats akin to those utilised in Engintron for dynamic content would be preferred.

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