Dedicated Linux Server Support

Our custom Linux server management package equips your server for high performance with which it could handle more than a thousand unique users at a time. Our server setup does not have any control panels like cPanel or Plesk as there are limitations in optimizing the server with control panels installed. Also, the control panels written on different languages will consume the resources of the server which will eventually slow down the performance of your server.

Our setup will have only the required services that are needed for a web application to run and it will be optimized maximum according to the server specifications. You don’t need to worry about how you can manage the servers anymore as it will be covered under the management plan and proactive monthly tweaks will take care of server even with respect to the user access increase.

Skynats understand that uptime, performance, and security are most important part on server management services. Thus, we will be always available to handle complex issues to maintain 24/7 uptime for your servers in returns increasing your business and reputation. Be at peace and let Skynats Linux management team care of your server.


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Server Management Pricing

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Services included

  • Proactive Server Management
  • OS Installation
  • Unlimited Tickets
  • High-Performance Server Setup
  • Custom Configurations
  • Advanced Server Hardening
  • Advanced Performance tuning
  • 24/7 Server Monitoring: 1 Min interval
  • Script & 3rd Party Plugin Installation
  • Server Migration (Unlimited Accounts)
  • Backup Configurations
  • Weekly Server Auditing & Status Report
  • Data Center Support/Escalation
  • Hacking Investigation
  • Disaster Recovery – 24/7
  • Emergency Skype Support

/ Month

Linux server management plan features

Proactive Management

  • Proactive support from certified engineers
  •  Plesk/Odin Installation
  • Weekly server auditing
  • Weekly detailed server status report
  • Data Center support/escalation
  • 24×7 Server monitoring with emergency rescue

Web Server Hardening

  • Advanced server hardening
  • SSH hardening
  • Firewall configuration
  • Log analysis’s
  • Malware scanning and protection
  • Install External Firewall

Server Migration and Disaster Recovery

  • Unlimited Migration
  • Disaster recovery from failed hard drives
  • OS Recovery via KVM/IPMI access (If available from DC)
  • Data Restoration from backups
  • Rescue mode operations
  • Malware and DDOS prevention.

High Performance Configuration

  • Min 32 GB RAM and 8 core processor
  • Single Website support
  • Optimize all available resources.
  • Server can handle 1K visitors simultaneously.
  • Custom Server Setup.
  • Web Application setup like WordPress, Magento etc

Web Server Optimization

  • Web server security tweaks & optimization
  • Proxy Configuration with Apache and Nginx
  • MySQL Optimization
  • Optimize server to use maximum resources
  • Clear disk, Inode and temp issues
  • Kernel optimization

Backup Configuration

  • Configure  backups to remote storage
  • Configure  backups to AWS S3
  • Scheduled backup setup
  • Backup restoration support
  • Configure backups to Cloud storage

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