Web Server Hardening Services

To be secure in the online world is very important nowadays, your reputation as an online service is governed by the level of security the services offered to the data and its client. We at Skynats with our refined Web Server Hardening technique as put forward some standard in setting up your server security that adheres to PCI standards.

With this plan, the Skynats team will start the proposes at OS level by going through your server checking for any rootkit/malware installation, scanning server for standard permission fixes, and checking up the version of the software/kernels installed in the system. The process then expands to services like ssh services, FTP services, PHP services, Mail services, web services (Apache and Nginx), database services, etc on your server and installing additional security software like brute force blockers, etc along with a necessary recommendation in application-level security.

We also take care of implementing software firewalls, kernel patches, SSL patches, etc so the system is immune to attacks. So sit back and relax on your server security once we have finished with your hardening.


Servers Hardened


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Standard Server Hardening

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Services included

  • Complete Security Auditing
  • Security Patch updates
  • Firewall Configuration
  • SSH Hardening
  • Host File Hardening
  • FTP Hardening
  • Apache/Nginx Hardening
  • PHP Hardening
  • Rootkit Installation & Scanning
  • CSF Installation & Configuration
  • Network/Bind Security
  • Control Panel Tweaking/Updates
  • Symlink Protection
  • Kernel Hardening
  • MySQL Hardening
  • Disable Unused Services

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