Cockpit is a server manager that helps the system admins to access the GNU/Linux servers via web browser. This software helps to access the server logs and to start and stop the services, see resource usage via a graphical interface.

By using the Cockpit we can monitor the server activities and add several servers, it is not only the monitoring tool it also allow us to do everything on the server.

How to Install Cockpit on Ubuntu Server

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install cockpit

Start Cockpit Service

systemctl start cockpit.socket
systemctl enable cockpit.socket

Install additional packages storaged and NetworkManager

Cockpit use Storaged to monitor the disk, storages, and mounted drives.
Cockpit use NetworkManager to interact with systems network configuration.

sudo apt-get install cockpit-storaged
sudo apt-get install cockpit-networkmanager

Access Cockpit using

Replace with your server public IP address.

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