Web Server Optimization Services

Most of the cloud servers and dedicated servers are provided with the vanilla installation of the OS which is configured to run minimal optimization. Thus, the system is not configured according to the platform it is hosting nor the number of resources it has like RAM CPU and disk. It is important to optimize the server to get performance for the resources. Skynats with its years of experience has created a procedural for optimizing your server.

With Server Optimization, the team explores the physical resources of the system along with the application hosted in the system governing the requirement needed for the environment to function smoothly. The process expands by taking into consideration the historical data of the server and its current resource usage. Then the skynats team starts by optimizing web servers like Apache, Nginx, Litespeed, optimizing databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, optimizing scripting services like PHP, Nodejs, Ruby, Python, Java, optimizing disk utilization and resource utilization, etc.

So sit back and relax on your server performance once we have finished with your optimization.


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Standard Server Optimization

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Services Covered

  • OS Level Optimization
  • Web Server Optimization
  • MySQL Tuning
  • Enabling Caching Services
  • Hardware Upgrade Consultation
  • HDD Tuning
  • Apache/Nginx Optimization
  • PHP Optimization
  • Control Panel Optimization
  • Kernel Tweaking
  • HDD Tuning
  • Disable Unused Services
  • Bind/DNS Tweaking

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