Let’s Encrypt – Free SSL Provider

Most commonly available means of securing connections between client and server is to enable ssh connection. There are many companies that authorize certificate’s used by the server to secure the connection, but most of them cost more than hosting rentals. Let’s Encrypt provide free SSL whose certificates are verified by Linux foundation and supported by major providers. The SSL provided have a limited validity of 90 […]

File Replication Systems for HA Systems

HA or High Availability concept for website are becoming more in common. The concept involves setting up a cluster of computers that are always ready and has a backup when main server goes down. Extending the possibilities in this concept, HA cluster are now implemented with load balancer and failover redundancy, such that user will never experience any hindrance of services. To implement such complex […]

Cloud Platforms in a Glance

Nowadays cloud platforms have become a common choice for hosting preferences. The rates at which a instance is offered to a developer or customer is amazing. But does these service actually charge you as they advertise? This blog will explain in brief the some pros and cons of different cloud hosting available today. Cloud hosting providers can be categorized into 3 or more units depending […]

Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 pem key recovery

Elastic Container (EC2) is the most commonly used product along its product range in Amazon web service’s (AWS).  As for security reasons the access to the linux environment containers are restricted with key. At the time of creation of container a key pair is generated and a pem file is available for download.  This file is only available once hence making it highly fragile for […]

Generate CSR certificate with SHA-256 through ssh

SSH into the server with root password Generate csr for example.com

Create custom php.ini in a Litespeed webserver

Please follow the below steps to setup a custom php.ini in a lightspeed cPanel server.     Login to WHM Select Litespeed Web Server

htaccess rule to set redirection for all users except specific IP

Set this Rule in htaccess which will redirect all users except a specific IP address to another domain.