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CentOS 8 End-of-life Announcement.

The CentOS project has many significant changes that affect the infrastructure and deployment plans for the database, online businesses and other end-users.

 This Blog will drive you to the significance of Centos 8 end of life announcement. If you need any assistance with installation and configuration you can take our technical team support, which will be done on your behalf. 

The changes announced by the centos may include.

Accelerated end-of-life for the centOS 8.

After December 31, 2021, no further operation system updates will be available for the centOS.

The Centos 8 will be transformed into a CentOS stream branch of red hat enterprise Linux. The previous centOS version will remain as part of a stable branch. In short, the centos shouldn’t be considered in the production environment.

The lifecycle of centos7 will remain the same, whereas the updates and the security patches will be available through June of 2024.

Cpanel support for centOS

The cpanel will consistently support the centos, including the RHEL 8(newly announced fork)

They are accelerating the support for the Cpanel on the Ubuntu LTS. In late 2021, expected to deliver the production-ready version.

There will be continues development effort on the Cpanel in order to support CentOS 8.

There will be an additional commercially-supported operating system that provides an upgrade path with the cloudlinux 6 or 7 deployments. From the advance feature of cloudlinux, many of the customers have got benefits from it. That includes user resource limitation, increases user visibility and also advanced customer isolation.

Note: Cpanel will not support the CentOS stream.


In short, the centos 8 end-of-life announcement has many significant changes that may affect infrastructure and deployment plans for online businesses and end-users.

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