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AWS Management

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Skynats is a Pioneer in AWS architecture design and its implementation. Skynats professional's are well equipped with the knowledge and expertise on the platform to provide solution for all your AWS needs.

Professional in skynats are AWS Experts in almost all the components and technologies layed by AWS like EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud), EBS(Elastic Block Storage), ELB(Elastic Load Balancer), S3(Simple Storage Service), RDS (Relational Database service), SES (Simple Email Service), Route 53 (DNS service), Cloudfront, VPC (Virtual Private Cloud), EBS(Elastic Bean Stack), EFS(Elastic File service) etc

We at skynats undertake all other maintenance and troubleshooting works in AWS like instance upgrade/downgrade, instance deployment, instance reconfiguration, inter-account/zone/region migrations, auto-scaling, SSL installation, AMI creation, snapshot creation etc

Google Cloud Management

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Google cloud platform is the new emerging cloud provider that offers products and features for High availability web solution. Skynats Professional or coined google cloud experts are trained in the platform with their experience along the various projects and components.

Skynat's google cloud experts have a hand on experience in the components like Google App Engine, Google Container Engine, Google Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL, Cloud Virtual network, Cloud load balancing, Cloud CDN, Cloud DNS etc

Skynats takes care of the specialized implementation of the High availability cluster in Google Cloud Platform. Our professional expertise can be lended out on various task like integrating mail service to compute instance, setting up hosting environment, firewall/backup/DNS/load balancer configurations, instance upgrade/downgrade, instance migrations etc

DigitalOcean Management

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DigitalOcean has been a standout in the cloud infrastructure providers offering pure SSD servers. Our DigitalOcean experts will help in build up a variety of hosting and application environments in these servers offered.

Skynats will assist you in all the technologies offered by DigitalOcean like Droplets, SSD storage volumes, Snapshots, Floating IP address, Monitoring etc

Skynat's DigitalOcean experts provide an exquisite helping hand in tasks like Droplet creation/upgrade/downgrade/recovery, Snapshot management, implementation of different types of High Availability clusters, MySQL clusters, Storage clusters etc.

Linux Server Management & Hosting Support

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Skynats team of professional pool are well certified and qualified with any distros available. They can help in building up a server from scratch to troubleshooting any hosting platforms.

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Skynats professional have magic skill in customizing and optimize various components in servers like database(MySQL, Mariadb, PostgresSQL etc), web server(Apache ,Nginx, litespeed etc), application server(PHP, Ruby, Nodejs, Python, Django etc) and other linux components.

All setup and trouble shooting of various control panel like cPanel/WHM, Plesk-Parallels, Directadmin, Interworks, vestacp, webmin etc are taken up ease. Also virtualization platforms like openvz, QEMU/KVM, Hyper-V and xen-citrix implementation and trouble shooting are taking up our team.

Why Choose Us


Our professionals are certified with Red Hat® Certified Engineer (RHCE) and Red Hat® Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) certifications who possesses the additional skills, knowledge, and abilities required of a senior system administrator. The skill set of the professional include kernel runtime parameters, shell scripting to automate system maintenance tasks, configuring a system to provide services and provide troubleshooting or maintenance in any Linux level systems.

PCI DSS Compliance
We have a big expertise in design and deploy security servers that allow our clients to become PCI DSS compliant.
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Skynats always emphasis on the quality and customer satisfaction on every project we undertake.

On Budget

We guarantee that the projects will be completed on or before the proposed budget quoted.


We guarantee that the server entrusted upon us will be kept online no matter the situation.

Excellent Communication

We guarantee high quality and transparent communication with the clients.

On Time

We guarantee that the project will be completed on or before the proposed time quoted.

Quick Response

We guarantee that there will be a response from our staff with an hour of query submitted to us.


We guarantee that the details shared by the client will not be stored online nor be leaked.

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