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Managed Cloud Support

Cloud instances have become the go-to place for hosting, whereas we are the pro team that provides the best in industry Managed Cloud Support Services.

Assorted by the choice of the cloud provider, we can help you decide which one is better for your application.

AWS Cloud Support

Managing the AWS infrastructure of healthcare and financial institutions.

DigitalOcean Support

Providing DigitalOcean Cloud support services for social and community applications.

Google Cloud Support

Providing Google Cloud support for mobile applications built on Python, Perl, and Ruby.

Azure Cloud Support

Providing Azure Cloud support for hosted and scalable applications

Cost Optimization

Our team will help you cut down on your cloud billing without compromising performance.

Web Hosting Support

Provide Whitelabel support for hosting companies on different shifts and regimes. 

High-Traffic server Support

Managing servers with more than 5K hits per second with assiduous support. 

DevOps Support

Providing automation services with the support of Docker and Kubernetes.

Consultation & Professional Services

We provide much more than just service. We make sure that our customers are satisfied, secure, and get enough savings on the cloud. 

Case Studies

Our expertise in Cloud and Linux are diverse!

Cost Optimization | Cost Optimization Services

Cost Optimization in Cloud Services

Optimizing the monthly recurring bills on the cloud platform without compromising the performance, security, and quality of service.
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payment gateway in cloud

Payment Gateway in Cloud Services

Implementing an architecture for a business to business payment gateway that must be compliant with PCI DSS level 1 nomes.

healthcare industry in cloud

Healthcare Industry in Cloud Services

A fully optimized cost-efficient High Available architecture with security and compliance with HIPAA nomes and PCI DSS level three standards.

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Get the latest news about latest technologies and innovations in cloud and server management from Skynats.

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