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Exclusive cost optimization services that give you clear visibility over your cloud bill for cost reduction.

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Cost Optimization Services and Solutions

The Cloud industry has grown drastically in the following decade and the thrust of customers to move to the cloud has increased largely due to the fact the platform is more reliable and trustworthy. Since the platform has variable costing in place most of the customers fail to realize or budget the cost that accompanies them while using the service. In some cases, the cost of maintaining the business is heavily burdened by the cost cloud puts over the customer.

Skynats with its years of experience in the industry is an expert in providing the optimal result in the cloud by reducing the cost and improving the performance. Our strategies at carefully coined by the most experienced professionals in the industry so that the client will have ease of mind in the billing regimes.

We analyze the need for the resources in the cloud and how they can be reduced or optimized for better cost regimes. Most of the could platform have cost reduction methods and packages that are unaware to the client in general, we intelligently incorporate these packages and parameters in your architecture to get the best out of the same resource increasing the performance and reducing the cost.

Process of Implementation



Auditing the current environment or surveying the new implementation of the application.



Planning changes and calculating the cost regime trajectories for the client with explanations.



Test implementation of the architecture that is approved, along with tweaking.



Implementing the tested and approved solution to production with no or less downtime.

What we do in the Process

Architecture Auditing

The first step in the process is to analyze the current working environment. Skynats team will go through every component used in the cloud to have a better understanding of the connectivity between the component and to have a better understanding of work follow of the application hosted in the cloud

Resources Auditing

The main reason for cost in the cloud is the underutilization of resources in the cloud. Skynats team will analyze the current running resources and percentage of utilization of the resources, the process is continued with historical data to conclude the number of resources needed in actual for the application to work with optimal performance.

OS level Optimization

Most of the cloud instances provided are vanilla OS and are not optimized for the application that is hosted on them. Skynats team tweaks these systems so that they use their resources to at most capability. Even the managed cloud resources like RDS etc can be tweaked with parameters to make the most out of them.

Designing Architecture

In cloud platforms, applications can be implemented with less cost if they are designed to architecture and enough automation and scaling are provided. This not only makes the application robust but also increases the credibility of the application since it is High Availability maintained.

Security Auditing

Since the cloud platforms are popular thus the risk of attack on the same. Security of the application hosted in the cloud is important by all means. Skynats go through every aspect of architecture and makes sure the application hosted has a PCI-DSS level standard of security.


Most of the architecture implemented in the cloud doesn’t have proper documentation on their implementation and connectivity. Skynats team will prepare the implementation and connectivity document of the architecture, so in case of any issue, it may come in the future.

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