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CloudLinux OS 8 with cPanel and Plesk Compatibility

The cloudLinux OS 8 with the 4.18 kernel was released in February 2020. That drive through great success as the user experience reliability and latest update support via cloudlinux. The cpanel and the Plesk control panel interface drives to greater performance and strong workability on the DirectAdmin servers.

If you need any assistance related to Linux server management services, please consult our technical team support for further detail information.

Benefits of CloudLinux OS 8

The cloudlinux users have a greater dependence when it comes to methods of isolation, stability, security, ease of deployment. Whereas the cloudlinux will separate the users with the shared hosting and a lightweight virtualized environment (LVE), the main benefit of this LVE is that it never allow other server resources into it. Regular updates lead to dependable security. Finally, CloudLinux OS 8 is now compatible with cPanel and Plesk. 

CloudLinux OS 8 includes the key 4.18 Linux Kernel features:

  • Memory management that has 5 level page tables support, puts the memory upper limit capacity at 64 TB so that the user can install and utilize the physical memory as required.
  • Spectre V2 mitigation default changed from IBRS to Retpolines.
  • Intel® Omni-Path Architecture (OPA) Host Software.The Intel OPA 

      that provides host fabric interface(HFI)hardware that leads to high performance while transferring the data which include the high bandwidth, high message rate between the compute and the I/O nodes in a clustered environment. (“Intel Omni-path”-compatible high-perf setups can be used).

  • The NUMA – Non-Uniform Memory Access the node count that has been increased from the 4 NUMA code to 8 NUMA.
  • Now, you can enable the IOMMU passthrough as is definite to the users who pass-through the hardware devices into virtual machines
  • For the device-mapper, a new write cache have been executed that is used to cache block write operation on SSD drives memory.  
  • The EXT 4 file system where it cleans all the code and tries to improve the reliability of the processing in order to process the incorrect FS image which is mainly modified for malicious purpose. 
  • In the previously cgroup mode of threads an addition mode has been added (cgroup.type threaded) which is a flexible process flow control mode. where all the threads will be in a single entity process and managing group.
  • In cgroup.type mode it is not necessary that all threads much been in the same group but they should be threaded and placed in the same cgroup hierarchy.
  • In EXT4, the inode generation scalability on SMP systems is improved.
  • By using the bigalloc additional support has been added for resizing on the fly for filesystem which is an accelerated file creation in other word you can say faster file creator.
  • Improved DDoS protection. TCP listener handling is completely lockless, making TCP servers faster and more scalable

Full Support For cPanel since 92 & 94 version  

CloudLinux OS 8 provides full support for the latest cPanel & WHM, Versions 92 & 94. Cpanel with version 94 that support CentOS and the cloudlinux 8, in order to perform better that may include account transfer functionality, dovecot etc.

Ensure that your system is meeting a minimum requirement before you upgrade.

Support for Plesk Obsidian



In short, the Cloudlinux oS 8 has support for the latest cPanel & WHM.where the user experience reliability and latest update support through cloud Linux.

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