Setting up new volumes to droplets in digital ocean account.

You can add a new volume to an existing droplet or a new droplet in the digital ocean account.

  • Feeling difficult in setting the new volumes or to manage your DigitalOcean droplet, our DO expert teams are available always to set up it for you. Check our DigitalOcean management plan to know more details.
  • Click on the create menu in the top right on the digitalocean control panel, select volumes, then choose an existing droplet where you need to attach the volumes in Select Droplet to attach to.
  • Choose the size to the volumes which should be (1GB to 16 TIB(16,384 GB)
  • Format and mount volumes: This support automatically to an operating system. Click on the More menu under Config instructions for manual formatting and mounting the volumes.

Move a volume from one droplet (OR) to  different droplet.

  • To prevent the OS-level error you need to unmount the volumes.
  • Open the volumes More menu, choose to Detach from Droplet. Detaching a volume will try to remove the volumes from its existing droplet.
  • From the same more menu, choose the Attach to droplet to attach the volumes to different droplet, then select the droplet that you want to use.
  • Mount the volumes to access the new droplet.

Increasing the size of the volumes:

  • In the volumes select more Menu button, Choose Increase size.
  • In the Increase volume size window, you have to enter a new size (it should be at least 1 GB” larger than current size) and select Resize volumes.
  • Now you need to expand the filesystem space by adding the size for ext4, use resize2fs.For XFS, use xfs_growfs.

We can’t reduce the size of the volumes because it leads to filesystem corruption and data loss.

Delete the volumes:

  • To delete the volume’s you need to open the More menu and choose Delete button.
  • Delete Volume window open in order to re-confirm the deletion.

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