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Fixing Linode DNS Slow

Looking for a way to fix Linode DNS slow? We can assist you.

How to fix Linode DNS slow?

While someone attempts to enter a web page, they generally type the site’s name into the browser, such as

The browser doesn’t know about by default, so it asks the computer to look for it on the internet.

A request is sent to a DNS server by the computer.

The page request will be postponed or won’t send out if DNS is not operating or responds slowly.

Let’s look at the steps our tech support team took to troubleshoot it.

Wait for Propagation

DNS updates will take place, or propagate, within the period established by your zone file’s TTL.

If you’ve just created a DNS modification and aren’t seeing it reflected yet, the new info may not be available for up to 48 hours.

Whereas you can’t handle DNS caching throughout every point on the Internet, you do have control over your web browser.

To bypass your browser’s cache of old DNS data, hold down the Shift or Control keys while refreshing the page.

You can also preview your website without DNS by opening it in a different browser or editing your hosts file.

Set the TTL (Time To Live)

Time to Live (TTL) is a DNS parameter that tells internet servers how long to cache specific DNS entries.

Linode domain zone files have a default TTL of 24 hours.

Although most people do not update their IP addresses frequently, this is fine in most cases.

Even so, there will be times when you want the TTL to be as low as possible. For example, when you make a DNS change, you’ll want it to propagate quickly.

Or else, some people would see the new site straight away, while others will continue to visit the old server’s website.

When it comes to email, lengthy caching times can be far more troublesome, because certain messages would be sent to the new server while others are sent to the old.

Lowering your TTL before making a DNS change is the solution. Before making any other DNS modifications, you should lower the TTL.

Here’s a quick rundown about what should take place during a successful DNS update:

  1. First, verify the TTL value for the DNS record you’re updating. This may take 24 to 48 hours.
  2. Update the relevant DNS records 48 to 96 hours ahead of time, taking any intermediate DNS servers into account. Reduce the TTL to 5 minutes/
  3. Then wait for 48 to 96 hours to pass.
  4. To update your IP address and any other, go back to your domain’s DNS records in the Linode Cloud Manager.
  5. At last, the DNS changes must take 30 minutes to propagate.

Find Current DNS Information

You may need to look up a domain’s current DNS information on occasion.

There are two excellent tools for this:

  • dig: Look up individual DNS records. For instance, you can discover the IP address where your domain fixes.
  •  whois: Find your domain’s registrar and nameserver data.

Use these tools from the command line if you’re using a macOS or Linux computer.

Run the following command to locate your domain’s IP (the primary A record):


To find your IP address, look in the answer section of the output.

Other types of records can also be searched for. For instance, to see a domain’s mail records:

dig mx

This will return all of the MX records for your domain.

Run the following command to find your domain’s registrar and nameservers data:


This generates a significant amount of data about the domain.

You may have to scroll back to see the essential information you require near the top of the output.

Name Resolution Failures

When an attempt has been made to access the DNS with DNSSEC enabled at your domain’s registrar, name resolution problems such as NXDOMAIN will occur.

This is because the Linode DNS Manager does not currently support DNSSEC.

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