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Advantages of Using Docker

Docker is a tool used to create, deploy, and run applications in containers. It is useful for developers and system administrators and it is an open-source tool. We can use Docker to deploy an application in a container. For that, we have to build a docker image and which will contain the dependencies required for that application in the container. After that, we have to run that image to make live the container. We can build a docker image in any OS and it will run independently.

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Advantages of using Docker

  1. ROI (Return On Investment & Cost Savings)

Nowadays the major problem faced by organizations is the lot of costs when building new applications or products. By using dockers we can save this. Because dockers can build an image on the required OS and install the required dependencies for the application. Docker helps to reduce infrastructure resources. We can build multiple docker images with different OS on the same virtual environment. Hence it saves the maintenance cost and server cost etc.

  1. Fast deployment

If we want to run a new application, we have to only build the docker image that needed for the application with its requirements and OS. After that, we can run the container within a small amount of time. There is no need to boot the OS or like that.

  1. Security

Docker can be used for building different containers for different applications so that these containers are isolated from each other. Then we can prevent security issues when working in the same OS environment with contact with each other. No docker container can look processes in another container from another.

  1. Continuous deployment and testing

Dockers provide build,test, run the application as per our need from development to production. We can add new changes when we want in the docker container. Also, we can deploy docker build images to multiple servers. When a new patch is released, we can apply the patch and test it and release it into the production environment.

  1. Simplicity in configuration

We can create Dockerfile as depends on our needs and build that image and run the container. So the Dockerfile can include simple steps and it will be run during the deployment of the container.

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