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How to Migrate cPanel Account using WHM Transfer Tool

In this article, our Server support team will explain “How to Enable IP Restriction for WHM Access.”

A cPanel account migration to a new server doesn’t have to be a difficult process. The procedure can be sped up and made easier with the appropriate equipment and knowledge. We’ll walk you through the process of moving a cPanel account using the WHM Transfer Tool in this article.

Let’s first quickly review what cPanel and WHM are. A user-friendly interface on the web hosting control panel known as cPanel makes it possible for website owners to manage the files, databases, and domains associated with their websites. The administrative control panel for cPanel is called WHM (Web Host Manager), and it gives server administrators the ability to manage multiple cPanel accounts, create hosting plans, and more.

Use the WHM Transfer Tool whenever moving a cPanel account to a new server is necessary. This tool streamlines the procedure by automating the majority of the cPanel account transfer procedures. The files, emails, databases, and configurations associated with the cPanel account are transferred from the old server to the new server.

Make sure WHM is installed on the new server and that you have the login information for both the old and new servers before we begin.

Following are the steps for using the WHM Transfer Tool to move a cPanel account:

Step 1: Access WHM on the new server.

Start by logging in to WHM on the new server with the login information that your web host has provided. By entering the IP address of the server followed by “/whm” in the address bar of your web browser, you can access WHM.

Step 2: Select “Copy an Account from Another Server with an SSH Password” from the “Transfers” menu by clicking on it.

Once you’ve logged in to WHM, select “Copy an Account from Another Server with an SSH Password” from the “Transfers” menu. With this choice, you can use SSH authentication to move a cPanel account from one server to a new server.

Step 3: Enter the login information for the old server.

The login information for the old server must then be entered. This includes the IP address, SSH port number, root user name, and root password of the previous server. A non-root user with sudo access is an alternative to using the root user.

Step 4: Decide which cPanel account you want to move.

The Transfer Tool will show a list of cPanel accounts that are available for transfer after the user’s login information for the old server is entered. By clicking on it, choose the cPanel account you want to move.

Step 5: Configure the new server.

You must enter the new server’s settings in the following step. This contains the root username, SSH port number, and IP address of the new server. A non-root user with sudo access is an alternative to using the root user.

Step 6: Choose the transfer settings in step six.

You have a number of options for moving the cPanel account when using the Transfer Tool. The account’s files, emails, databases, and configurations are all transferrable. Additionally, you have the option to overwrite already-existing files, exclude particular directories, and maintain ownership and permissions.

Step 7: Start the transfer procedure

After selecting your transfer preferences, click “Copy” to begin the transfer procedure. The chosen cPanel account will now begin to be copied over to the new server by the Transfer Tool from the old server. The size of the account and the connection speed to the server both affect how long it takes to transfer the account.

Step 8: Confirm the transfer.

You should make sure all the data was properly transferred after the transfer is finished. Check that all accounts, domains, and email accounts are available by logging into the new server. Additionally, make sure all databases and files are operational.

Tips for a Successful Transfer

  • Verify that the cPanel version on both servers is the same.
  • Verify that there is enough disc space on both servers to handle the transfer.
  • Before transferring larger accounts, test the transfer procedure with a smaller account.
  • Verify that all services, including DNS and email, are set up properly on the new server.
  • Ensure that all customized settings, such as cron jobs and unique DNS records, are correctly transferred.


The WHM Transfer Tool is a strong tool that makes it simple to move your cPanel account to a new server, to sum up. You can make sure that the transfer goes smoothly and successfully by following the steps outlined above and the tips for a successful transfer.

Please get in touch with our Server support team if you have any questions.

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