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How to enable the MS SQL database in Plesk?

      In MSSQL where the database is limited for the webspace, subscriptions.

Here you come across with error and unable the MSSQL database in Plesk.

Get assistance to resolve the error and to enable the MSSQL database in Plesk. As a part of our server management services were glad to assist our client with queries and issues.

Let’s have a glance at the issue and get it resolved.

Enabling an MS SQL database to the Plesk

Follow the steps to enable an MS SQL database to the Plesk panel.

  • First, you need to log into Plesk Control Panel.
  • a) In Plesk 12 choose the Subscriptions tab, click the [domain] and select the required one, then move towards the Websites & Domains tab and select.
  • Whereas in Plesk 11, choose the My Subscriptions section and select the [domain]. Click on the Websites & Domains tab.
  • In Plesk 9, click on Domains, then click on the [domain] needing a new database.
  • Click on Databases and select the Add New Database.
  • Enter a name to use which is next to Database Name. 
  • For Type, choose Microsoft SQL Server (DNN uses the Microsoft SQL Server)
  • You can also create the user for Plesk 12 at this point.
  • We may ignore the Restore Database from the backup file checkbox.
  • Finally, click OK.

That this point we may not be able to select the MSSQL database under the subscription where it displays only MySQL database is available.

Resolving the error

Web Admin Edition:

  • Log in to Plesk.
  • Go to Tools & Settings > License Management and check if Microsoft SQL Server support is enabled or not:
  • If it is not available you need to purchase the MSSQL for the subscription.
  •  The Power Pack and Developer Pack is included in MSSQL support.
  • To get the current limit of MSSQL databases for the required webspace, Run the command.
C:\> plesk bin subscription_settings –info | findstr max_mssql_db
max_mssql_db 30 MS SQL databases
  • Later, as per the required webspace, you can increase the MSSQL databases.
C:\> plesk bin subscription_settings -u -max_mssql_db 100

plesk bin subscription_settings -u -max_mssql_db -1

Web Pro and Web Host Editions:

  • Log in to Plesk.
  • Click Subscriptions > > Account > Resources.
  • Find the MS SQL database number.
  • You can increase the data limit by following the way.
  • 1.Click Subscriptions > > Customize > Resources page and increase the MS SQL databases limit
  • 2. Choose and click  Subscriptions > > Service Plan: Default > Resources page and increase the MS SQL databases limit.
  • If it did not reach the limit, choose Subscriptions > > Subscriber> Provider.
  • Click the Change Plan button to increase the MS SQL databases.
  • Click the Customize button to increase the MS SQL databases number only for this reseller.
  • Find and choose the MS SQL databases number and increase it to the required value.


From this blog, you will get an apparent view on how to enable the database is limited for the webspace, subscriptions. For any queries, you can contact our technical team support for any assistance.

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