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VMware Error “vDS host error” – Solutions

Wondering about how to resolve VMware Error “vDS host error”? We can assist you.

Frequently, VMware users report receiving this error when attempting to power on their virtual machine.

As part of our Server Management Services that we offer here at Skynats, we take care of requests from our clients to correct similar errors. Today we will look at the process that our Tech Support team uses to solve this problem for our clients.

How to resolve the VMware error message “vDS host error”?

When attempting to power on a virtual machine (VM), the following error may occur:

A general sysytem error occurred: VDS host error

Before discussing how to fix the error, we will determine its root cause.


This error is due to an incorrect database record for the VM virtual network interface card (NIC).

Steps to Fix this Error

To resolve this error, we can re-add the virtual NIC to create a new database record for the virtual machine.

Here are the steps that our Support Engineers take to resolve this error.

Note: This procedure is ONLY applicable to vSphere-only environments. If there is any uncertainty regarding whether other products have been added to the vCenter Server then we should not continue with the steps that are outlined below.

For vSphere-only environments, we correct this error as follows:

  1. First, the VM object must be located in the vCenter Hosts and Clusters view.
  2. Choose the virtual machine and then click Edit Settings
  3. Afterward, record all virtual NIC settings for later.
  4. Delete the virtual NIC as well.

If the virtual machine has multiple virtual NICs, we can only remove one at a time.

  1. Now, save the modification and VM again, and click Edit Settings.
  2. Here, we can re-add the virtual NIC using the previously documented settings.


In a nutshell, we watched as our Support Techs fixed the VMware error “vDS host error” for our clients.

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