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Curl error 67 | How to Fix?

When downloading a file from a remote server to a local domain, the curl error 67 occurs. The most common cause is incorrect login information.

As part of our Server Management Services, we regularly assist our customers in resolving curl errors of a similar nature.

Today, let’s talk about this error’s potential causes and solutions.

Why does Curl error 67 occur?

Users occasionally encounter the following error message when attempting to download a file using curl from a remote server to a local domain:

curl: (67) Access denied: 530

These are some of the frequent causes of this error:

  1. The username, password, or server name are incorrect.
  2. problems with the remote FTP server’s connection.
  3. Issues with user permissions.
  4. Restrictions on fire walls

Now let’s examine each of these causes in more detail and the solutions for each.

The username, server, or password are incorrect

The most frequent causes of the error 67 are the use of an incorrect username, password, or server name. Curl’s error code 67 indicates that “The user name, password, or similar was not accepted and curl failed to log in.” The server rejecting non-encrypted authentication results in this error.

We recently received a support request from a client who was having trouble downloading a file using curl and was getting the 67 error code. A special character% was included in the user’s password. The user questioned whether it was actually causing the error.

Usually, file transfer won’t be hampered by the use of special characters in the password. The username’s case was the cause of the error. The command typically used in the following format is:

curl -u 'username:password'


curl -u username:password

Try the following command if this is giving an error:

curl -k -T filename --ftp-ssl --ftp-pasv -u "username\$domain:password"

Issues with user permissions

When the user doesn’t have enough permission on the FTP server, curl encounters error 67.

The user permissions should be corrected in order to resolve this problem. For instance, we can resolve this issue in the vsftpd server by setting userlist deny to NO in /etc/vsftpd/user list. Then we add “allowed users” to the file /etc/vsftpd/user list. Next, we added the “not allowed users” to the /etc/vsftpd/ftpusers file. This ensures that each user has the proper permission.

Restrictions on firewalls

Firewall limitations can result in the 67 curl error. For example, the 67 error may appear if the user’s IP address is blocked by the server firewall.

Depending on the firewall being used on the server, the exact steps to unblock it might vary. For instance, on cPanel servers, ConfigServer Security & Firewall IP addresses can be unblocked. The blocked IP address will have an unblock icon next to it. The IP address is unblocked in the firewall by simply clicking the icon.

Alternative Approaches

There are some alternative solutions in addition to the principal ones mentioned above. For example, the Plesk administrator might receive this curl error from the scheduled backups in Plesk.

Once a successful login has been established, the backup may finish successfully. Typically, a remote FTP server’s connection problems are to blame for this. We can learn more about the error message from the remote server’s logs.

Additionally, connecting to the server with encrypted authentication may also help in resolving this issue. The customer must enable SSL in the FTP configuration settings to accomplish this.


To put it simply, curl error 67 occurs when a file is downloaded to a local domain from a remote server. The most common cause is incorrect login information.

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