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Understanding The Major Components of Ansible



Ansible is a free and open-source automation tool used to configuration management, application deployment and task automation. It allows you to automate repetitive tasks such as deploying applications across a large number of systems. It is possible to manage servers remotely without having to connect into each remote server separately using a central server. This is useful when you want decrease human errors. It uses YAML format in its configuration, which is human-readable and easy to understand. It communicate with remote servers over SSH.

Major Components of Ansible

1. Inventory File

An inventory file is a text file that contains the information about servers that it will manage, including their hostnames, IP addresses, and other details necessary for connecting.

2. Playbook

A playbook is a text file written in YAML format in which a set of tasks is defined and executed on remote servers.

3. Module

Tasks in a playbook uses modules, which are small units of code, to run commands on remote servers. 

4. Plays

Plays refers to a set of tasks applied to a certain host group specified in the inventory file. Thus, a playbook is a collection of plays, each of which specifies exactly what has to be done on a server.

5. Variables

A Variable is used to store and manage data that can be used throughout playbooks or when instructions differ between the servers. Variables make playbooks more flexible, reusable, and easier.

6. Facts

Facts are remote server system properties collected during playbook execution. Included in the list are the operating system, IP addresses, device specs, and more. These information also illuminate the target environment, aiding decision-making and configuration management. Automatically acquired facts are playbook variables.

7. Configuration Files

A configuration file provides the necessary parameter for Ansible to interact with remote servers. The default configuration file is ansible.cfg file located in the /etc/ansible/ directory. Ansible.cfg file includes details such as inventory file location, remote user to use for SSH connections etc.


If you’re looking to deepen your understanding of the major components of Ansible, reaching out to Skynats for professional assistance can be highly beneficial. Skynats is a server management company specializing in DevOps, cloud solutions, and automation tools like Ansible. By contacting Skynats, you can leverage their expertise to gain a comprehensive understanding of Ansible’s key components, including Playbooks, Inventory, Modules, Plugins, and the Ansible Configuration. Their team of experienced professionals can provide tailored guidance and support to help you effectively implement and utilize Ansible in your projects, ensuring that you maximize its potential for automation and orchestration within your IT infrastructure.

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