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WordPress SendGrid Email Failed to Send: Troubleshoot

Let’s examine the error in detail: WordPress email using SendGrid did not get sent. Our Server Management services at Skynats can provide you with an in-depth manual on how to fix the error.

WordPress SendGrid email failed to send error:  Cause

  • The problem of WordPress not sending emails occurs frequently. WordPress emails not sending errors could have several causes:

The most frequent explanation is that people think your emails are spam. Your web server only sends the headers necessary for basic PHP mail delivery when it sends an email ().

  • The fundamental PHP mail() method doesn’t use authentication to verify that the message is genuine. WP Mail SMTP can be used to fix this.

The web host has turned off PHP mail(). Many web hosts simply block PHP for mailing due to the inherent security risks with PHP mail(), preventing your WordPress website to send any messages.

  • This issue arises when using Lightsail or Amazon EC2. WP Mail SMTP uses SMTP rather than PHP for email delivery, so we can work around this.

Our localhost is in use. Emails are almost certainly going to be unsuccessful if you build your website locally. We will be able to receive WordPress alerts just like a live site since WP Mail SMTP will fix WordPress’s inability to send emails on localhost.

SendGrid WordPress email failed to send error:  Resolution

Some steps to fix the WordPress error are listed below:

  • First, your WordPress website needs to have WP Mail SMTP installed. A WordPress plugin called WP Mail SMTP switches out the wp mail() PHP mailer function with SMTP.
  • Enable email logging. There are two options available by default. They are listed below:

1: Deliverability of emails.

2: Tracking errors.

  • Make an SMTP relay API key and utilize the plugin Easy WP SMTP.  To set up this, follow the instructions below:

1: Add an SMTP relay API to the send grid documentation.

2: Next, configure the Easy WP SMTP settings. Repeatedly check the settings to make sure there are no errors.

In this case, the settings are:

server: // SMTP port: 465 // SMTP Auth: yes // Username: apikey // Password: Generated API key.

Time, an unmaintained plugin, and the absence of verbose/useful error reporting in the aforementioned plugin are the three contributing factors. The workaround results from these factors. The effectiveness of this “solution” may vary. In a nutshell, confirm that the SMTP server has been copied correctly.


We’ve covered the SendGrid WordPress email wasn’t sent error up to this point with the assistance of our tech support team, and we have discovered how to fix the error.

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