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How To Migrate your Website from Direct Admin to cPanel

Migrate Your Website from DirectAdmin to cPanel

If you’re thinking about migrating your website from DirectAdmin to cPanel, you’re in the right place. In this blog, we’ll lead you through the migration process step by step, without or with minimal downtime and no data loss. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Preparation

Before starting the account migration process, make sure that the cPanel server has been set up properly and has sufficient resources for handling the migrated accounts.

Step 2: Generate Backups in DirectAdmin Server

Log in to the DirectAdmin server as the administrator user and Create backups for each domain or account you want to move.

For this, first download the below script provided by cPanel: 


This script is used to update user domains on the DirectAdmin server.

After that, download the actual script provided by cPanel to generate the backup of the domains in the DirectAdmin server.


Give the execution permission for both the downloaded scripts to run them as a program.

#chmod +x updateuserdomains-universal
#chmod +x pkgacct-da

Then run the update user script inorder to update the domains associated with the user accounts:


Also run the package account command to make an archive of the account in DirectAdmin:

#./pkgacct-da user

Replace the username “user” with the actual username of the DirectAdmin account you want to back up.

Step 3: Transfer Backups to cPanel Server

To transfer the backups from the DirectAdmin server to cPanel server, use the scp tool:

#scp /path/to/user.tar.gz root@cpanel-server:/home

Here, replace the “cpanel-server” with the actual hostname or ip address of the cpanel server.

Step 4: Restore Backups in cPanel

First, login to the cPanel server through the backend

Then, go to the directory where the backup is transferred to, here it is transferred to /home

#cd /home 

In order to restore the account to the cpanel server, run the restoration script by cPanel:

#/scripts/restorepkg user.tar.gz

The above script will restore the account “user” to the cPanel server.

If you need use another username or create a new user account, then use:

#/scripts/restorepkg --newuser newuser /home/cpmove-user.tar.gz

After restoring the account to the cPanel server,  It is always a good practice to use methods such as host entry to ensure that everything works properly before modifying the DNS values.

This is how you can transfer domains from a DirectAdmin server to a cPanel server! We hope this guide was helpful to you. Remember, if you have any problems or questions along the way, please do not hesitate to contact our support team for assistance.  

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