Install Acronis Backup Plugin in cPanel

The Acronis backup plugin for WHM/cPanel helps in the cloud and local backup for cPanel web hosting servers, self-service recovery of cPanel accounts, files, databases, and mailboxes.

On our cPanel server management, backup configuration is included and our team will configure the backups to any storage solutions.

Features of Acronis plugin

1. Backup

Using the Acronis plugin we can take full, image-based backups to the Acronis Cloud can protect an entire server. It also performs an incremental backup options in order to save the backup storage space.

2. Recovery

From using this plugin we can recover entire cpanel server or seperate cpanel accounts, files, databases, mailboxes and mail filters from the WHM/cPanel.

3. Multiple Locations

The administrators can take the backup locally (or network shares) to the cloud and locally with replication to the cloud.

4. Self-service

Also, administrators can enable the self-service for each cPanel user, and there by the self-service enabled cPanel users can perform granular recovery from the UI.

System Requirements

  1. PHP version 5.6 or later.
  2. Granular recovery of databases is supported only for local MySQL (Granular recovery of postgresql database is not supported).
  3. Besides the plugin the backup agent must be installed on the machine.
  4. Supported Linux based Operating systems

Install the Acronis backup plugin in cPanel

You can install the Acronis backup plugin for WHM by running the below command

sh <(curl -L ||
wget -O -

Install the Backup agent

First we have to register Acronis beta account via the

There we can create a new customer group under the partner account that we previously created. After that we have to setup this backup agent in WHM by ;

  • Login to WHM
  • Click on plugins –> Acronis backup
Install Acronis Backup Plugin in cPanel
  • Specify the “Login” and “password” details by the credentials of the account to which the machine assigns.(credentials of the account that created within the customer group)
  • To encrypt your backup you can enable the encryption switch and specify the corresponding settings in the wizard. ( Always remember the password, if it lose there is no way to recover the encrypted backups)
  • Follow the next installation wizard and during the installation, the software checks if the ports for communication with the cloud are open or if any are closed. Then on the wizard it will show the required ports that need to be opened. So you can allow those ports and close the wizard and restart the installation again.

It will take some time to complete the installation process.

Enabling backup for the server

  1. Click plugins –> Acronis Backup
  2. Enable the backup switch
Install Acronis Backup Plugin in cPanel

To Run a backup on demand

  1. Click on the plugins –> Acronis Backups
  2. Run now

To enable self-service for cpanel accounts

  1. Click on the WHM –> feature manager
  2. Select or create a feature list and select the Acronis Backups check box from the lists.
  3. Save the changes by clicking the “Save” button

To uninstall the acronis backup plugin,

yum remove acronis-backup-cpanel

If you need any assistance in setting up the Acronis plugin for cPanel backups, our technical team will be available at any time to help you.


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