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Install an SSL Certificate in IIS 7 Windows 2008 Server


The windows server 2008 includes internet information services (IIS) 7.0 is one of widely used web server across the world.

From this blog, you will get an apparent view regarding the Installation and configuration of the SSL certificate in IIS 7 Windows 2008 server as it is part of our server management plan. You can also take assistance from our technical team support 24/7 for further details.

Steps to generate the certificate signing request (CSR) on IIS 7

The initial part is generating a certificate signing request before that you need to install the CSR .follow the instruction given below.

From the start menu, select the Administrative tools and click and select the Internet information services (IIS) manager.

Click and select the connection column on the left-hand side of IIS. Double-click on server certificates.

Later, click on the create a certificate request in the action column on the right.

Enter the following information in the request certificate and then click on next button.

Leave the default cryptographic service provider and try to set the Bit Length to 2048 bit or higher and click on next button.

Select and choose the three dots button and enter the filename and location where you want to save the CSR file.

Click on finish button.

Step 2 : install the certificate

Save the certificate files and proceed with the configuration process.

From the start menu select the Administrative tools and then click on the internet informative services(IIM) manager.

Later,from the left column select the name of your server and Double click on server certificate.

Click on complete certificate request in the Auction column on the right-hand side.

Click on the three dots button then locate, browse and select the server certificate file that you received from the CA. Then click OK button.

Now, you can the newly install certificate in the server certificate column.

Step 3: Bind the certificate

The connections column on the left try to expand the sites folder. Browse on the website where you want to bind the certificate. Then click on the bindings on the right side of the action column.

Click on the Add button. An Add site binding window will be displayed on the screen.

Click on Type and select the https then choose the SSL certificate. Click ok button.

Select and choose the port 443 listed in the site bindings and click close button.

Step 4: Install intermediate certificate.

The intermediate certificate is issued by authorities that must be install on your web server.

Follow and install the intermediate certificate.

First you need to download the intermediate certificate on the server.

 Later, open the certificate.

A certificate window will be displayed on the screen then click on the install certificate button.

Then select the “Place all certificate files” and click on the browse button.

Select the certificate store window and then Check the show physical stores check box and expand the intermediate certificate Authorities.

Click and select the Local computer folder and select ok button.

Finish the intermediate certificate installation.


From this blog, you will get an apparent view regarding the installation and I have elucidated the installation process as simple as we could be if you still face the problem in installing and configuring the SSL. We’re delightful to assist you 24/7 with technical support.

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