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How To Bypass Geoblocking

Geoblocking is the practice of preventing users from accessing a service or product if they are located in a specific country. It works by creating a whitelisting region with access. In another way, some specific countries are barred from using the product.

If you’re looking for a way to bypass geo-restrictions, our support techs have a few ideas:

  • Smart DNS
  • VPN
  • Tor
  • Proxy

How to bypass Geoblocking using VPN

1. First, download and install any reputed and reliable VPN service on your computer.

2. Launch the VPN once it has been installed and choose a preferred location.

We will now be able to view geo-restricted content.

How to bypass Geoblocking using Proxy

Our IP address is hidden behind a proxy server, enabling us to bypass geoblocking. Even so, it is not as safe as a VPN. Furthermore, it’s doesn’t encrypt data transmitted over the internet. The other drawback of proxy servers is most service providers are capable of detecting and blocking proxy traffic.

Instead of using a proxy server, our technical support team recommends using these techniques to bypass geoblocking.

How to bypass Geoblocking using Smart DNS

Smart DNS is a good choice if protection or online privacy isn’t a big issue. Furthermore, it is one of the most effective methods for circumventing geo-blocking. Moreover, when there is no encryption, there will be no slowdown in internet speed.

Smart DNS replaces the true DNS with a different one that is bound to the valid region. Moreover, any connection requests are intercepted, and any information that could expose the original location is tripped. Moreover, any connection requests are intercepted, and any information that could expose the original location is tripped.

How to endure Geoblocking using Tor

Tor, which stands for The Onion Router, is a free service that is widely used to mask IP addresses. In other words, it protects users’ privacy by masking their IP address and routing traffic via multiple relays. However, ISPs frequently block its relays, and the speed is often extremely slow.

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