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How to Restore Backup on Virtualizor?

How to restore backup on virtualizer? Let’s look at the procedures in this article. With our Server Management Services at Skynats, we can take care of your server-related issues.

How do I restore the backup in Virtualizor?

Users can quickly deploy and manage Virtual Private Servers (VPS) on servers with the help of the robust web-based Virtualizor VPS Control Panel. We must navigate to Backup >> Restore VPS Backups in order to restore the VPS. Once the restore process has started, both the task page and the restore VPS backup page will be updated. We have two options for choosing the VPS backups:

  1. Choose a backup VPS
  2. Choose a server

Choose a backup VPS

After selecting the VPS we wish to restore, a list of currently accessible backups will be displayed. The chosen server and chosen directory will be updated in the VPS backup plan. To restore a VPS to a specific date, we can select a date.

Choose a server

With this approach, we must:

  1. First, select a server with a VPS.
  2. Select the directory containing the VPS backup.
  3. Choose the VPS backup date.

After that, we will be given a list of all the available VPS backups from which we can select the one we want to restore. There is another option that enables us to specify the location of the VPS backup if it is located in a directory other than the directory listed in the drop-down menu.

  1. First, select a server with a VPS.
  2. Select the directory containing the VPS backup.
  3. Enter a directory’s path and click the scan button to perform a scan.
  4. Select the VPS backup date.

Various techniques for restoring VPS


When we select “Restore,” the backup will be restored in the same VPS.

Restore to new VPS

By selecting this option, the backup can be restored in a whole-new VPS. Additionally, we can choose the server where the VPS will be restored. After that, select Restore.

Restore to new Server

We must select Restore to new VPS here. Next, pick the user. After that select the server to which the VM needs to be restored as a new VM. When we choose the server, the storage will already be loaded. Then select the Restore option.

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