How to clone DigitalOcean Droplet?

Cloning DigitalOcean droplet enables us to create a new server from an existing image of a droplet, from the new server will be an exact copy of the existing one and also we can create several new servers from the images.

If you need to clone a droplet and to manage your DigitalOcean droplet, our DO expert teams are available always to set up it for you. Check our DigitalOcean management plan to know more details.

When we clone a server we should do it carefully, because we are working with our live data. Cloning a site helps us to create a staging server and if we spend more time developing any site with a lot of applications like that, it helps to reduce the load and risk to develop such an exact copy of the site.

In order to clone a DigitalOcean droplet follow these steps;

  1. Take snapshots of the droplet by;

Power off the droplet either through DigitalOcean panel or through command-line by

sudo shutdown -h now
  1. After the droplet shutdown, we can create a snapshot of the instance by clicking the snapshots menu and proceed with the take snapshot option.
  2. Enter the snapshot name as the droplet name or other as per your need.
  3. Then click on the Take Snapshot.

Create Droplet From Snapshot

  • Click create droplet
  • Choose the Snapshot created from Snapshot Tab
  • From this method the new droplet created will be of different IP than the existing one. So change the DNS according to the new IP.

If you need to create a new droplet with the same IP as the existing or old one, we need to follow the below method;

  1. Click power OFF and Create snapshots as same as above.
  2. Destroy the original droplet.
  3. Create a new droplet from the snapshot

So from this we can simplify our work load and easily create new servers from existing images.

If you are still facing issues, our technical team will be available 24/7 time to give support.

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