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Linode Bandwidth | Complete Guide

Data transfer between two computers via the open internet or a private network is referred to as Linode bandwidth or network transfer. As part of our Server Management Services, Skynats provide answers to all of your questions.

Linode Bandwidth

Data transfer between two computers over a private network or the public internet is referred to as network transfer or bandwidth. It includes:

Inbound network transfer: Data transmitted to the service

Outbound network transfer: Information transmitted by the service

Usage Fee: Are you still confused by the Usage Fee? Let’s see how Linode counts it.

To determine costs, Linode divides bandwidth usage into two categories. There is both unmetered and unmetered Linode bandwidth available. All metered network transfer service usage is taken into account when calculating the account-wide monthly network transfer pool. We will incur additional costs if we use more transfers than this monthly allotment.

Monitoring Network Transfer Usage

To avoid unforeseen checks, we can monitor network transfer usage throughout the month. Our Support team has provided the following list of techniques for keeping track of network transfer usage:

  • Using Linode CLI

Use the following command to display the network usage (in GB) for the most recent month:

linode-cli account transfer
  • Regularly checking Email Alerts

The email address associated with the account is automatically notified by Linode when we have used 80%, 90%, and 100% of the transfer pool size.

How Can I Check My Linode’s Bandwidth?

Network transfer(Bandwidth) v/s Throughput

Occasionally, bandwidth and throughput are used interchangeably, although they are different. The maximum amount of data that can be sent over an internet connection in a specific amount of time is referred to as bandwidth. The amount of data that is successfully transferred across a network is known as throughput.

From the Pricing page of a Linode, we can check its bandwidth. However, we have a tool called iPerf that can be used to check the Linode’s network throughput. We need to set up iPerf on both the Linode and a computer that isn’t connected to our network. This might be the home device. After that, execute the following commands:

On your Linode:

iperf -s

On your external machine:

iperf -c $linode-ip -d -t 30 -i 10, replacing $linode-ip with the IP address of user’s Linode.

We could use one of the public iPerf servers for quick test results. Run the command below on the Linode if you’re using a public iPef server, replacing with the URL of the server you want to test.

iperf -c -d -t 30 -i 10

For 30 seconds, these commands perform a bidirectional test every 10 seconds. These settings can be changed as required. Doubtlessly, the iPerf speeds will be slower than Linode’s total bandwidth. That makes perfect sense.

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