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Resolving Problems Using Nagios with Proxies

Usually, the problem occurs when the proxies are not configured correctly while using the Nagios. 

As a part of our server management services, we use to resolve the problem using Nagios with proxies. You can consult our technical team support for further assistance.

Let’s have a glance at how to resolve the problem using Nagios with proxies, follow the steps to resolve the issue.

Problems Using Nagios with Proxies

The error is due to some reasons that may include.

  • Nagios XI requires external access for package installation and updates. If the proxies are configured incorrectly and package installation and the updates may not work properly.
  • Nagios XI code makes several internal HTTP calls to the local Nagios XI server to perform. These will not work properly if we deploy a proxy that is not configured properly. It can also result in a non-functional Nagios XI installation.


Initially, configure the yum and wget configurations to make XI installation work with a proxy.

Then update the following files, access the Nagios XI server in an SSH session.


proxy=http://someproxyserver:port/ # Shouldn’t need to be quoted, remember the trailing slash

proxy_username=myname # The username we authenticate to our proxy with, if applicable

proxy_password=mypass # The password we provide to our proxy, if applicable


http_proxy=http://myname:mypass@someproxyserver:port/ # All in one string this time

https_proxy=https://myname:mypass@someproxyserver:port/ # Only required if we have a HTTPS proxy

no_proxy=localhost,,,, # Hosts to exclude from proxying

Don’t quote any of these. Escape the special characters in passwords with backslashes.

2 Method

  1. Prior to running any installation script, install the php-pear package manually.
  2. Set proxy for PHP Pear
  3. pear config-set http_proxy ‘’
  4. Then run Nagios installation scripts sequentially
  5. Unset the system proxy, before running E-importnagiosql script.

Update Check Behind A Proxy

For systems behind a proxy, update checks are known to fail.

The proxy component will allow you to update the check to work behind most proxies.

Configure the proxy settings >> navigate to Admin > Proxy Configuration.


In brief, the issue to occur if you do not configure proxies correctly while using Nagios. Follow the step to fix this error or you can take our technical team support for any issue.

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