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Google Chrome 68 update could affect Non-Secure Websites

According to the Official Google announcement, the new Google Chrome 68 version is going to roll out in July 2018. On each update, Google is implementing many features to improve the web searching experience and security. But, on this new update, Google is planning to flag Non-HTTPS websites as Non-Secure which will affect your online business domain without https encryption.

Here  is the official image of how it will show for Non-Secure Websites on the Google Chrome 68 update

Chrome 68 new interface will alert users that all HTTP sites are not secure and it is not safe to do online transactions via HTTP sites. This will force all the website managers to move to a secure HTTPS website and thus make more than 90% of the websites to be secure online.

What can we do to make website Secure?

Encrypting and implementing SSL on the website is the only part we need to do to fix this problem. HTTPS can be enabled for the webpage from the host and need to make sure it should redirect to https version. According to the Google algorithm, an encrypted website will have a good ranking and give more preference to be shown on Google search than a non-secure website.

Implementing SSL on the website

SSL is available in free and paid versions. Let’s Encrypt provide free SSL which can be implemented by the hosting provider or our team can implement it on your server with auto-renewal which will keep your website secure. Paid SSL can be available from our end with a minimum amount of $20USD for 1 year.

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