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How To Fix The Docker Error x509?

This is a common docker error when trying to log into their docker registry and the error looks like “x509: certificate signed by unknown authority”.

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Cause of this Issue :

This error happens when you are using a self-signed certificate for your docker registry instead of the certificate issued by the trusted certificate authority (CA). Then the docker daemon will not trust your self-signed certificate and it will lead to the x509 error.

Diagnose the Issue :

You can recreate the issue by trying to log into the docker using the below command ;

docker login <docker_registry_host>:<docker_registry_port> -u user -p password 

Eg :

docker login -u admin -p pass@123

In case of this certificate issue you will get the below error ;

Error response from daemon : Get x509 certificate signed by unknown authority

To Resolve the Issue :

We can make the docker trust the self-signed certificate by copying the self-signed certificate to the “/etc/docker/certs.d/<docker_registry_hostname>:<docker_registry_host_port>/ca.crt” on the machine where you are trying to run the docker login command.

You can follow the below steps to solve this issue ;

1. Create the following directory on the server from which you are trying to run the docker login command.

mkdir -p /etc/docker/certs.d/<dcoker_registry_host>:<docker_registry_host_port>

2. Copy your Docker registry certificate file from your docker registry host to the cluster where you are running docker login.

You should rename your registry certificate file to “/etc/docker/certs.d/<docker_registry_host>:<docker_registry_host_port>/ca.crt”

scp <your_registry_hostname>:/opt/registry/certs/domain.crt /etc/docker/certs.d/<docker_registry_host>:<docker_registry_host_port>/ca.crt

For example ;

mkdir -p /etc/docker/certs.d/

scp /etc/docker/certs.d/

3. Then you can try to login into your docker registry again.

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