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How to Fix Ansible Error: Decryption Failed?

Ansible Error: Decryption Failed: Stuck? You can rely on us.

We find it irritating to encounter errors when attempting to execute an Ansible playbook.

We help our clients with several Ansible queries as part of our server management services.

Let’s examine how to correct this mistake today.

Ansible Error: Decryption Failed

Recently, one of our clients discovered the following error:

fatal: []: FAILED! => {“msg”: “Decryption failed (no vault secrets were found that could decrypt) on /home/skynats/ansible/encrypted_data.txt”}
fatal: []: FAILED! => {“msg”: “A vault password or secret must be specified to decrypt /home/skynats/ansible/skynats/encrypted_data.txt”}

We can encrypt files with Ansible Vault instead of displaying them in playbooks as plaintext.

We typically use it for sensitive data like passwords, SSL private keys, and so forth.

The Ansible vault by default employs the AES256 algorithm to encrypt data.

File before encryption :

$> cat encrypted_data.txt
This is an encrypted data

Utilizing Ansible Vault for encryption

$ ansible-vault encrypt encrypted_data.txt
New Vault password:
Confirm New Vault password:
Encryption successful

After Encryption :

$ > cat encrypted_data.txt

It is now secure to add it as a parameter to the ansible-playbook.

When we execute the ansible-playbook that contains a file encrypted with ansible vault, we must also provide a decryption password.

Cause of the error and solution

Let’s examine the root of the issue and how our tech support team resolves it now.

Usually, this error occurs as a result of an incorrect decryption password that we give to Ansible.

Take the playbook for the encrypted data.txt file as an example. We used Ansible Vault to encrypt the file, which we then copied to the target machine after decryption.

vault.yml :

– hosts:
– name: Copying Encrypted file to target machine and decrypting
src: encrypted_data.txt
dest: /home/decrypted_data.txt

If we attempt to run the playbook in this manner:

ansible-playbook vault.yml

This will ultimately lead to a mistake.

As a result, we must give the playbook the decryption password, either as a prompt to the terminal or as a vault file.

ansible-playbook vault.yml –ask-vault-pass ## To prompt for vault password

ansible-playbook vault.yml –vault-password-file /home/skynats/private/vault_pass.txt ## To automatically read the vault password

We have a practical method for passing the vault password. Once we give the ansible controller the right password, the error goes away.


In conclusion, this error can be caused by using the wrong decryption password. Today, we saw the error being fixed for our clients by our Tech Support team.

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