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SQL Server Fatal Error 9001 | How to Resolve?

Let’s examine SQL Server Fatal Error 9001 in more detail, as well as some possible fixes. We at Skynats can take care of your SQL Server issues with our Server Management Services.

What Is An SQL Server Fatal Error 9001?

SQL backup error 9001 occurs when the SQL server is unable to access the database for long enough to complete the backup. The database will automatically shut down when there is no activity if the AutoClose property is set to ON. Therefore, if the database closes abruptly during the backup, this error might happen.

This error can also be caused by corrupt databases or log files, a large SQL log file that takes up a significant amount of storage space, and hardware issues. We can use the DBCC CHECKDB‘dbname’ command to obtain more information about the error.

Fixing SQL Server Fatal Error 9001

Let’s talk about a few of the fixes that are listed below.

  • If Auto Close is currently enabled, turn it off. This will prevent the database from closing if nothing is done during the backup procedure.
alter database [database_name] set AUTO_CLOSE OFF;
  • Use DBCC CHECKDB to see if there is a storage problem.
dbcc checkdb('database_name')
  • Launch Emergency Mode Repair if the SQL database or log file corruption is the cause of the error. Additionally, this will assist in finishing the backup process and fixing the log file. This technique should not be used because it might lead to the deletion of some log file sections.
  • Set SQL Server Database offline and then back online.
alter database [database_name] set offline with rollback immediate;


alter database [database_name] set online;
  • Restarting the SQL Server is a good fix for non-production instances. SQL Configuration Manager can be restarted using the Start menu, Windows Server Services, or Cmd using net start and net stop.


When the SQL server cannot open the database for long enough for a backup to be successfully taken, the fatal error 9001 on the SQL server manifests. In this article, our tech team shares a few straightforward fixes for common errors.

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