LiteSpeed Web Server is proprietary web server software. It is the 4th most popular web server, conserves resources without sacrificing performance, security, compatibility, or convenience. Litespeed web server is used in many of the hosting servers to accelerate the performance of the websites hosted in it. In hosting environment with cPanel servers, it is necessary to edit the PHP variables for each domain or customer and this can be done using by creating a custom php.ini for each user’s home directory. So the clients can change the PHP values according to their requirements.  There should some steps need to be done on Litespeed admin panel on cPanel/WHM to enable custom php.ini and you can follow the below steps to enable it.

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  1. Login into WHM.
  2. Select Litespeed Web Server
  3. Litespeed Configuration > Admin Console > Configuration > Server > External App > lsphp5
  4. Under Environment section >> add “PHPRC=$VH_ROOT”
  5. Under “suEXEC User ” section >> add the account username for which custom php.ini has to be enabled.
  6. Under “suEXEC Group ” section >> add the group name of the same account.
  7. Click save and return to Main >> Litespeed Web server
  8. Under Quick Configuration of PHP suEXEC settings,>> Set Enable PHP suExec to yes.
  9. After that put custom php.ini in the user’s home directory and check it using a phpinfo page.