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AzCopy in Azure | Overview

As part of our Server Management Service at Skynats, we are committed to finding answers to all of your questions.

Here’s how our technical support team advises downloading and utilizing the command line interface tool. AzCopy.

All About AzCopy

It is a command-line utility used to copy data into and out of Microsoft Azure Blob, Table Storage, and File using simple commands for optimal performance.

In addition, it is possible to copy data between a storage account and a file system, as well as between storage accounts.

Downloading AzCopy

The executable file for AzCopy V10 can be downloaded to any directory on the computer. Given that it is an executable file, there is no need to install it. Depending on which file type you downloaded, the files are compressed as a zip or tar file.

In this scenario, we will download the tar file intended for Linux x86-64, decompress it, and then run it, as shown below.

wget -O azcopy.tgz;
tar -xzvf azcopy.tgz;
cd azcopy_linux_amd64_10.13.0/;
cp -pv azcopy /usr/local/sbin/;

Install AzCopy

After downloading and copying the necessary files, we will navigate to the folder containing the copies and execute the azcopy.exe command. This indicates whether or not AzCopy is functioning.

Consider adding the directory containing the AzCopy executable to our system’s path for convenience. Thus, azcopy can be executed from any directory on the system.

If we elect not to add the AzCopy directory to your path, we will need to navigate to the location of your AzCopy executable and type azcopy or.azcopy in Windows PowerShell command prompts.

As the owner of an Azure Storage account, you are not automatically granted access permissions. Before we can perform any meaningful actions with AzCopy, we must determine how we will supply authorization credentials to the storage service.

The Azure Storage Access key must be accessed before it can be used for device login.

This command allows us to easily retrieve a file from the Azure Storage Blob Container: 

AzCopy /Source: /Dest:C:\mytest /SourceKey:thekeyyoucopiedearlier Pattern:"image1.png”

We can also upload a file from our hard drive to Azure Storage Blob Container, as demonstrated below. 

AzCopy /Source:C:\mytest /Dest: /DestKey:thekeyyoucopiedearlier Pattern:"image2.png"

Now we can copy data from one Azure Storage account to another using the following command: 

AzCopy /Source: /Dest: /SourceKey:thekeyyoucopiedearlier /DestKey:thekeyyoucopiedearlier Pattern:"image1.png"

Access key retrieval method 2:

a. First, we will navigate to the Azure storage account’s Settings page in the Azure Portal.

b. Next, we’ll navigate to Access Keys and copy key1

c. Then, we will store the key so that we can retrieve it later.

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