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Configuration verification failed in Nagios

Need assistance to configuration verification failed in Nagios. Here is our technical team support will help you to fix the problem on your behalf under our server management services plan.

Let’s dig deeper into the reason that caused configuration verification to fail in Nagios. Have a glance at one of our client report which displays the below error message in the core configuration manager (ccm) when try to apply the configuration verification in Nagios. An error arises when he tries to apply a configuration to Nagios core. Monitoring engine configuration files have been rolled back to their last known good checkpoint.

Will then clicking on the link (error), a pop-up message shows that the problem is in the config files along with a line number for the config file.  

While looking that the config file in a text editor, the line number does not appear to relate to the problem.

Error: Service has no hosts and/or service_description (config file ‘/usr/local/nagios/etc/services/centos01.cfg, starting on line 32)

Here is the process of Apply Configuration.

The first and the foremost is temporarily written new config files to disk

Later, verifying the files whether valid or not in Nagios

Then >> temporary config files >> made permanent files.

Finally, restart the Nagios services.

 If the verification step fails then the files will be discarded, if you check the line number in the file as it displays invalid as the temporary files has no longer exist. 

What to do when configuration verification failed in Nagios

Follow the steps to force the config files to be written to disk.

  • First, open >> CCM.
  • Later, access Tools >> Config File Management
  • Then, click >> Delete Files button >> display “Successfully deleted all Host/Service Config Files”
  • Click >> Write Configs Button. It shows an output that contains all the files it creates.
  • Click >> Verify Files button
  • As a result, the output should end with the error message.

Open an SSH to the Nagios XI server and then open the file in a text editor for further investigation.

Example Error:

Service has no hosts and/or service_description (config file ‘/usr/local/nagios/etc/services/centos01.cfg’, starting on line 32)

Through this, we can determine that it is a config of service for centos01.

For this problem, there is no host assign to the service, You need to update the service in the CCM by following the write and the verify steps above.

For the different problem, there may be multiple config errors for various objects, repeat the process until the verify is successful.

After the Verify is successful:

  • Quick Tools > Apply Configuration
  • Click the Apply Configuration button


In short, follow the steps to solve Nagios problem. You can take our technical team support for further assistance in fixing Nagios errors.

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