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How to fix AWS security issues

 The AWS (Amazon web services) is a cloud service provider that most commonly used worldwide, ranking number one for the eighth year in a row as the top laaS which was provider by Gartner’s Magic quadrant.

There are several AWS-related queries and they use to be done under AWS management support services for all AWS user out there. For further assistance, you can contact our technical team support for any AWS security issues.

Prioritizing a Security Strategy Ahead of Controls and Tools.

First, need to prioritize cloud security. Then put tools and control in the first place and then establish the security strategy.

The strategy should come first so that we can assess the control and tool of your security strategy.

Overcoming the lack of security visibility in the cloud.

There are enormous cloud users and having different logins and control across each of them. It is impossible to know at all times who is accessing what and where across the organization and it’s significant that if any of the activity is malicious or anomalous.

The lack of security visibility becomes more magnified when there is no security strategy supporting the implementation and management of these applications.

Follow the steps to improve the visibility of AWS.

Take an inside- out perspective:

You need to know what’s happening on the host or workload, need to collect a lot of information than an IDS log can provide.

Go beyond logs:

While the logs will provide a narrow view of what is going on. The network-based intrusion detection (NIDS) that doesn’t give much to work with after a compromise, causes the ability to identify behaviour leading up to an attack where the host-based intrusion detection will come into the role.

Protect against the insider threat:

If an incident occurs, it is very important to understand all bad actors. Sometimes, they can be an internal issue.

 Improving Confidence in Cloud Provider Security

Even the AWS offers many useful out-of-the-box security tools and configuration that includes AWS cloud trail and the Amazon cloud watch for the logging and monitoring. It is important to know their responsibility (Ends and begins). In order to protect data within the sensitive workloads.

Defining who is liable to fix AWS issues.

The liability is very important because whenever security issues occur you should know who is responsible so that you can take appropriate action.

Understanding why attackers are attracted to the cloud

  Companies trust a lot of sensitive data to cloud service providers like AWS (credit card data, financial reports)

Different ways to protect the credentials and the data

Turn on multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Monitor for anomalous logins using continuous security monitoring.

Implement a logging service at the host level.

By using AWS Secrets Manager or a different secrets management system to rotate credentials.

Securing Containers in AWS to tackle security issues

While using AWS the securing container is the biggest issues. It’s due to the lack of context that the VPC has for any overlay network.

AWS group apply security policies to each of the clusters but that are unable to individual pods. While troubleshooting the issue it will pause at the traffic between the hosts in the cluster rather than the pods that resulting in security blind spots. So it required two solutions to control the cloud-hosted network. One will handle the VM and another will handle the governs of your containers.

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