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Advantages of Ansible Automation

Ansible is an open-source automation and configuration management tool. It improves the scalability and reliability and consistency of the IT environment. It will be most helpful to system administrators and developers.


  1. Open Source Tool

Ansible is an opensource tool without any paid licence needed and it can be used as free of cost.

  1. Simple Configuration Management

Ansible can manage easily and learn easily. The shell scripts are simple and no need for any other software installed.

  1. Application Development

It can easily deploy multi-tier applications. There is no need to configure applications on every machine, you have to only specify the tasks in the playbook. When we run the playbook, then it will automatically run the tasks in the playbook to each host machine through SSH.

  1. The Playbooks are Written in YAML

The playbooks are Ansible configuration files that are written in YAML and use of it makes the Ansible better by configuration and automation tool.

  1. No Agents Required

There is no need of agents or software when you want to automate with the client system or hosts.

  1. Cloud Provisioning

By using Ansible we can cloud platforms and virtualized hosts , network devices etc.

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