How to fix Cloud SQL Proxy error.

Most of us stuck with cloud proxy error – an attempt was made to access a socket here we go with one of the error as shown below. The error cause while trying to use cloud SQL proxy to configure access to google cloud in windows by using the below commands. 

cloud_sql_proxy.exe -dir=/cloudsql -instances=my-project:us-central1:sql-instance=tcp:3306 mysql -u –host

Our technical team support will fix the cloud SQL proxy error on your behalf under our google cloud management services. You can also take assistance from our technical team support 24/7 for fixing the error or any sort of installation and migration.

Cloud SQL Proxy error

Accessing your Cloud SQL instance using the Cloud SQL proxy offers the following advantages:

  • Secure connections: By using TLS 1.2 with a 128-bit AES cipher, the cloud SQL proxy will automatically encrypts traffic from the database. the main purpose of SSL certificates is to verify server and client identities.
  • Easier connection management.
  • The Cloud SQL proxy handles authentication with Cloud SQL, removing the need to provide static IP addresses.


listen tcp bind: An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions.

The main cause for the error.

  1. Whereas the SQL server engages the 3306 port locally. but you can’t blind it while it’s running.
  2. Another process might use Port 3306.

How to fix this error

  • Initially, you need to stop SQL Server to bind the CloudSQL Proxy to it.

In case we have Windows 10, we go to Task Manager -> Services -> MySQL57 >> right-click   >> stop the task.

Once it’s done try to run the same command again in order to get successful output.

Listening on for <instance-name>

Proceed with the same procedure to the postgresql.

  • Specify a different port, in case another process uses 3306.

For instance,


Use the below commands on the windows cmd or google SDK shell.

cloud_sql_proxy.cmd -instances=<INSTANCE_CONNECTION_NAME>=tcp:3306 -credential_file=<PATH_TO_KEY_FILE>

Ensure to declare cloud_sql_proxy.cmd as environment variable, where:

  1. INSTANCE_CONNECTION_NAME = my-project:us-central1:sql-instance
  2. PATH_TO_KEY_FILE = create a service account in IAM panel and save the json file copy its path and paste it here.

If this does not work, we try connecting to TCP 3307.


IN brief, follow the steps to resolve the cloud SQL proxy error effectively. If need further assistance, you can take our technical team support to resolve the error on your behalf.

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