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Migrating Cpanel domain to Plesk

In order to migrate an existing Cpanel domain to a Plesk server, we can follow the below method.

By following a few procedures you may get an apparent view regarding migrating Cpanel to Plesk. For the further clarification and assistance please contact our expert team to get it done.

We are using Plesk migrator tool for transferring the cpanel domain from cpanel server to the Plesk server.

First, you have to login into the Plesk and then click on the Plesk migrator. If you are not already installed the Plesk migrator on Plesk you can install it by Extensions –> Plesk migrator –> install –> open

Then proceed with “Start a New migration” and then a new page called New Migration will show.

From which you can select the desired panel type for that you need Cpanel server then you can select “Cpanel” option.

Next, you have to provide your source IP address ( Cpanel server IP address). Then you have to give the root login username in my case “root” and the login method like password/ SSH keys. Well, here we are using a password so give the root password and if you are using a port number for SSH other than 22 then provide the port value there in the SSH Port column. Then proceed with the “Prepare Migration” option.

This will starts the preparing migration and then a new page will be displayed. Under the list of subscriptions option, you can select the desired subscription option to migrate from the column.

Then select the domains that you need to transfer from the Cpanel account from the subscription list column. You can see the content that must be transferred column and from there you can add the required content like mail messages, databases etc that you need to transfer from Cpanel domain.

Then proceed with the “Migrate” option. Then it will go to the overview page of the migration status. There you can see the migration process under queue and completed results.

If you want to perform additional sync of a subscription’s content after the migration is finished, click [Re-sync] next to the subscription’s name.

Since you have successfully transferred the Cpanel domain to Plesk server then you have to change the DNS records of the transferred domain to Plesk server IP.

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