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Docker Compose Detached | Explaining Modes

With the assistance of Skynats’ Docker support team, let’s examine the docker-compose detached and associated configurations in better detail.

Docker Compose: Detached Mode (Background)

In the same way that a docker run command launches the services in the foreground, a Docker Compose command does the same thing.

Use the vom compose-up command with the -d or the —detach option to run this in the background. Let’s get to the point.

Docker Compose Detached

We must execute the docker-compose up command in detachment mode or the background, as shown below:

docker-compose up -d
- or -
docker-compose up --detach

The command launches the containers in the background and displays the names of the new containers.

Docker detached mode

A Docker container that is running in the background of the terminal is indicated by the options —detach or -d. It cannot display or accept input or output.

docker run -d IMAGE

We can use docker ps to obtain information about containers that have been started in the background, then reattach the terminal to their input and output. Ensure that you follow these instructions for docker-compose detached.

After a run or up, the background flag-d goes.

It is not necessary to use the tty and interactive flags -t because the docker-compose run takes care of this automatically. We can add ttys to specific containers in the compose file using the -t flag, but we are unable to use interactive mode because we cannot interact with all of them simultaneously.

The run command will execute in the background if we add -d to the end of it. However, since using up will simply start all containers in the file, we can recommend it over using run.


To sum up, with the help of our Docker support team, we have discovered more about docker-compose detached and the configurations to use the docker detach mode in a few easy steps.

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