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Amazon IVS

The Amazon Interactive Video Service (Amazon IVS) is a brand-new tool for creating live interactive video experiences. By simply pointing your live stream to Amazon IVS, we can see videos from all over the world in seconds without the need for any video expertise.The Amazon IVS comes with its SDK.

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Why Amazon IVS?

The service enables users to broadcast low-latency live content to a global audience while also allowing them to concentrate on creating immersive user interfaces to accompany the live video.

Users can easily enhance and customise the audience experience with the Amazon IVS player SDK, and timed metadata APIs enable users to create strong relationships with audiences on their applications.

Benefits of Amazon IVS

Live video streaming that is easy to use:

We can make videos with Amazon IVS in just a few clicks. This service comes with everything we’ll need to stream live.

Designed specifically for live streaming:

The technology used by Amazon IVS is the same as that used by power twitch. Amazon IVS is a fantastic streaming service. Since the streams receive and deliver data via a global system, this is possible. Live video ingests is made easier with this infrastructure.

Create a memorable audience experience:

The Amazon IVS streams are built in this manner due to their low latency. To create any number of live videos from this interactive media, Amazon IVS has a minimum latency of 3 seconds.

Integration into websites and apps is simple:

With the support of the Amazon IVS player SDK, Amazon IVS has a build which can be used on any device like IOS, Android, and so on. The SDK player’s key feature is that it allows viewers to watch live video with low latency across multiple platforms without sacrificing video quality.

Amazon IVS features

Create New Live Video Streams in a Flash:

The Amazon IVS has all of the features needed for low latency live streaming. We can submit live videos using Amazon IVS and the stream key we have. The playback URL allows users to watch live videos on any device (such as iOS or Android) using the SDK player.

Specifically designed for live video streaming:

The Amazon IVS discovered an optimal route with the end user for better and effective connectivity in order to achieve low latency. End-users receive the live stream videos through a content pipeline that optimises the video.

Low-Latency Live Video API with Timed Metadata:

Metadata is managed in Amazon IVS by injecting a basic REST API with metadata. To retrieve metadata in graphical polls and synchronize components such as live sports and e-commerce features, the SDK player uses an event-based gui.

Various Devices and Networks for Playback

The Amazon IVS can convert live video to a variety of resolutions and bitrates. This adaptive bitrate (ABR) will assist us in delivering high-quality live streams through a variety of networks and devices.

SDK for Multi-Platform Players:

Since the SDK is integrated with video.js, the Amazon IVS player has a low latency. It includes an adaptive bitrate switching algorithm and is optimised for live video streams. This algorithm aids in achieving optimum efficiency and low latency. You may also use replay permission to limit the video playlist.

Frustration-Free Scale:

At any given time, Amazon IVS will cover hundreds of videos. Live stream videos can be sent to millions of concurrent viewers using Amazon IVS.


We pay Amazon IVS hourly based on how many video inputs we give it and how many viewers we distribute it to.

The cost of Amazon IVS is determined by the length of live video sent to the service provider and the length of time it is transmitted to the customer. Developers may use Amazon IVS to add live videos to their apps for more interactivity without having to pay for streaming services.

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