Case Studies

Cost Optimization in Cloud Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS)


The client hosted in the AWS cloud environment was provided by an enormous billing when their credit and free limit provided was ended. The price of maintaining the cloud environment was getting very heavy on the business.


Skynats was given the challenge of reducing the monthly recurring bills on the cloud platform without compromising the performance, security, and quality of service that is being currently provided to the application. All the components of the application must work after the optimization meanwhile maintaining security and integrity.


Skynats took the audit on the cloud environment. We tallied the number of instances on the platform and tagged them according to the different stages. We also assessed each instance to analyze the requirement of instance and their type. After the audit, a chart was prepared which contain the list of instances that can be removed and downgraded with any adverse effect on the application. While we had the audit on the instances, we also noticed the security vulnerability in the environment and provided a proposal for fixing the same. Then we prepared well-detailed documentation of the environment including the application workflow. In the end, we had come with isolated networks for each stage of the production. We also implemented a weekly and monthly checklist for the instance in production to take for patch management. We implemented a proper procedure for initializing, maintaining and deleting an instance. We were able to reduce the AWS bills by 30% and get them to pass the penetration test conducted on the environment with flying color. We are managing and consulting the client now for further improvement in their environment.