Case Studies

Healthcare Industry in Cloud Services



The project involved setting up and implementing a highly secure PCI DSS HIPAA compliant environment for our client. The process of application routing, workflow and connections were presented to us. Research and development were asked by the client to achieve this with the best in class industry standards.


Skynats was allowed to design, plan and implement the whole architecture taken in consideration of the current working architecture and workflow. The architecture designed should be compatible with the security nomes of the governing body which would be audited and scanned by various CVEs. Architecture designed and implemented must provide decent connectivity and accountability in case of a failure of any aspects of the architecture. We were also entitled to setup hardware firewalls, Dynamic VPN, Site to Site VPN, IPSEC, Port mirroring, etc on the networking layer for our client.


A fully optimized cost-efficient architecture was proposed to the client to meet with their requirements. The Implemented architecture was High Available, Security and compliance with HIPAA nomes and PCI DSS level three standards. We also did a transfer of the hosting environment to a HIPAA compliant provider making the environment more robust. All system mentioned in the requirement was implemented successfully in a cluster of dedicated server which spanned across two data centers which are two tectonic plate region making the environment accounts to the disaster recovery nomes. The system installed involves Log managing system, Intrusion detection system, high traffic web server, MariaDB Galera cluster and encryption of disk and data. The environment implemented was scanned and audited by the governing body to which it certified with flying colors. The system has been running under our management plans without any downtime for more than 4 years.