Case Studies

Payment Gateway in Cloud Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Skynats was given the task of planning and implementing an architecture for a business to business payment gateways. The client insisted that the project to be deployed in Amazon web services (AWS) with an emphasis on security and performance.


Since the project included implementing a payment gateway the architecture must be compliant with PCI DSS level 1 nome. For this project implementation, the employees working in the project must be scanned and cleared for the purpose of security. The application deployed must be implemented with lockdown procedures and protocols on each step. The client also insisted on developing a hierarchy based documentation of the process from connection to the workflow of the application. The process of implementation, nomenclature, and methodology will be scrutinized by a governing body, The application can only be made life if the certification is received.


Skynats submitted our proposal of architecture considering the current workflow of the application. We implemented all the resources needed by the application to work without compromising any security nomes of the governing body. Since the application has to be compatible with PCI DSS Level 1 nomes we implemented alarm and notification systems for any system and security breach. We also implemented another system for smooth working and security of the application like a centralized log management system, Internal vulnerabilities assessment system, Double multi-factor authentication, VPC isolation, web application firewall, relational database service (RDS), Cloud trail, cloud watch and various level of encryption. The system was assessed, scanned and scrutinized by the governing body and the system was certified to go live with high standards. The project is running successfully for 4+ years and we are still managing the environment helping our clients to reach new heights.