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Google Cloud Storage Coldline | A Quick Guide

Google Cloud Storage Coldline is useful for data archiving and disaster recovery. Discover more.

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What is Google Cloud Storage Coldline?

Did you know that there are four distinct cloud storage classes offered by Google Cloud Storage? As follows:

  • Google Cloud Multi-Regional Storage
  • Google Cloud Regional Storage
  • Google Cloud Storage Nearline
  • Google Cloud Storage Coldline

A form of cold-tier storage known as coldline storage is used to store data with minimal access requirements. It is useful for archived data that only needs to be accessed occasionally. Google Cloud Coldline Storage is the best option, despite there being several other cold storage options.

Here are a few explanations for the popularity of Google Cloud Coldline Storage:

  • Based on the region, the monthly cost per GB is extremely low.
  • According to the service level agreement, there is a 99% data availability guarantee. Additionally, we are eligible for the credit if Google does not maintain the uptime by the SLA.
  • Ninety days is the bare minimum for storing. We also have to pay for any time that we end up deleting the data before this period is up.
  • Furthermore. There is a nominal data retrieval fee of approximately $0.05 per gigabyte (GB).

The 99% data availability is noteworthy because Coldline storage is preferred for disaster recovery or archiving. Another factor in its popularity is the pay-per-usage business model. In addition to being the least expensive class of Google Storage, it provides the following features:

  • Oauth
  • Access controls
  • Encryption for data security
  • Redundancy.

Additionally, the Google Cloud Platform Console and Google APIs can both be used to access the data in Google Cloud Storage Coldline. We can also incorporate this storage platform using third-party backup and storage solutions.

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