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Chrome Update: Will Use Only HTTPS Version of Website?

Chrome’s address bar can use https:// by default starting with version 90, increasing privacy and also loading speed for users visiting websites that support HTTPS. While manually typing a URL in Chrome, the words “http://” and “https://” is often omitted. In the address bar, for example, users often type “” rather than “” If this was a user’s first visit to a website, Chrome would previously choose http:// as the default protocol1. As most of the internet didn’t accept HTTPS, this was a realistic norm.

For most typed navigations that don’t define a protocol, Chrome will now default to HTTPS. On all major platforms, HTTPS is the more stable and commonly used scheme in Chrome. This move increases the initial loading speed of sites that support HTTPS, as Chrome can link directly to the HTTPS endpoint rather than being redirected from http:// to https://. If an HTTPS attempt fails on a site that does not yet accept HTTPS, Chrome will fall back to HTTP (including when there are certificate errors, such as name mismatch or untrusted self-signed certificate, or connection errors, such as DNS resolution failure). This update will be available in Chrome 90 for Chrome Desktop and Chrome for Android, with a release for Chrome on iOS coming shortly after.

HTTPS prevents users by encrypting network traffic, preventing attackers or eavesdroppers from intercepting or altering sensitive information entered on websites. Chrome is committed to making HTTPS the web’s default protocol, and this update is another step toward ensuring Chrome only uses protected connections by default.

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