How to Recover AWS EC2 pem Key?

Elastic Container (EC2) is the most commonly used product along with its product range in Amazon web services (AWS). As for security reasons the access to the Linux environment containers are restricted with the key. At the time of the creation of the container, a key pair is generated and a pem file is available for download. This file is only available once hence making it highly fragile for the user. If a user loses or deletes this file it is impossible to re-download the file from AWS.

In order to recover the files or instance if a key is lost or deleted we at Skynats implement a different technique. Most of the task here is to be done by a Linux professional, which includes changing the instance types and disk to recover the data and imprints in the server. The process involves checking the metadata of the current running server along with its boot logs to find the schematics with which the server is booted in AWS. The disk to the server is either recover or reattached in this scenario.

Major steps that covered the recovery process

  1. Detach root volume from the machine
  2. Create a new instance with new pem key
  3. Attach the disk to the new instance
  4. SSH to the machine and mount the correct partition
  5. Check everything is working fine
  6. Use the latest pem key to access the machine and data

Please follow the above steps and if  you face any issue or need any assistance, please contact our support team for a free consultation on live chat at

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