April 5, 2021

5 ways to optimize Nginx for WordPress

WordPress is the single largest platform for website creation and web application delivery worldwide. Eventually, if the server is down it will affect your business widely. With the Nginx software or the web servers, there are ways to optimize WordPress websites. As a part of our hourly server administration services, Our technical team support will assist our clients to speed up their websites, optimize Nginx for WordPress to make its load faster and lots more.

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How to troubleshoot server down issues

Troubleshooting server down issues is never an easy task. Whether it might be a larger or small network, it’s necessary to take meticulous steps to get the server up. Struck with server down issues, now you can take assistance from our technical team support to troubleshoot server issues under our server management plan. Network issues that occur when all the server in a data center goes down. Its leads to unlucky instances. Follow the step

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