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Azure Sentinel Alert Rules

Various security warnings and incidents can be gathered, found, looked into, and addressed with the aid of Azure Sentinel alert rules.

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Microsoft Azure Sentinel is a cutting-edge SIEM(Security Information and Event Management)system.

By utilizing advanced analytics and threat detection, the system gathers data and identifies threats.

AI also analyses threats and aids in the hunt for any harmful activity in the network. And lastly, it utilizes automated processes to deal with situations swiftly.

First, the user must select the Incident Settings tab in order to set the incident creation preferences.

Following that, the user can choose how the Microsoft Sentinel converts alerts into actions.

Azure Sentinel’s Significance

The threat-hunting tool Azure Sentinel is quite sophisticated. Sentinel provides security and real-time data detection. The security team can access every danger in complete with the help of Azure Sentinel.

Every time a threat is discovered, an email alert is sent to the security team. Azure essentially serves as an additional layer of defense against threats and attacks.

Sentinel has two methods for users to create alerts:

Set a correlation rule in place between the action and create alerts. Sentinel produces a warning once the correlation rule is activated. A correlation rule is an automated procedure that monitors and controls in-the-moment occurrences. When the trigger criteria are satisfied, an alert will be generated. Signals can also be generated by users using the REST API.

az sentinel alert-rule create command

The az sentinel alert rule facilitates creating or modifying “alert rule” actions.

To create or modify the alert rule action, enter the below command.

Azure CLI

az sentinel alert-rule create --resource-group

The command complies with a sequential rule structure.

As a result, the procedure begins with the development of the “action of the alert rule.

Conditions for the AZ Sentinel alert rule


speak for the resource group.

For instance, it will be as follows if the resource group is called myRg:

--resource-group "myRg"

The az configure —defaults group= can be used to configure the default group.

By doing this, the user is able to modify the name of the default group.

The workspace name and the alert rule id can both be adjusted and are provided below.

-- rule-id

Alert rule ID


The name of the workspace

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