January 29, 2021

How to install and configure open LDAP server on Ubuntu 20.04

From this blog post, we get an apparent view regarding the installation and setup of open LDAP server on ubuntu 20.04. The OpenLDAP is an open-source of the lightweight directory access protocol(LDAP) which was developed by the OpenLDAP project and was released under LDAP public License.  The OpenLDAP includes: SLAP – stand-alone LDAP daemon(server) Libraries implementing the LDAP protocol Utilities, tools, and sample clients.  Update/ upgrade the system: First, you need to ensure the upgrade

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Unable to establish the SSL connection using Wget

                        The Wget error is used to occur for a different reason, It might be that Wget is not properly supporting the Https downloads, due to secure protocol options or no check certificate and many more reasons. Usually, the Wget commands are used to download the files from the internet through the command line. Get assistance to solve the Wget SSL error or any other server issues. Our support export term will fix the

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