Case Studies

Heavy Traffic WebServer in Linux



The client had a very busy website with a huge number of hits happening in real-time. The server mentioned was not able to cope with the demand and was giving out the error message at a given point of time.


Skynats had to come up with a plan to make the server serve all the requests coming without any upgrade of resources. The client had a fixed budget on the infrastructure thus we had to use what he had.


Skynats, on taking up the project analyzed the code implemented on the server and researched the best and optimized method to implement the code with optimal resources. We then came with a custom-tailored system that can serve the maximum number of visitors with a minimal amount of resources taking into consideration of the code, webserver, database, and language compiler. We did run the system for a test with sudo load to test our hypnotizes and provided great results. We had the system implemented in production and the server took up a load of the visitor coming in without any change in the underlying resources. We are managing the server for more than 5 years and taking their website to the next level under our Linux server management plan.